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A Mobile Optimised Experience with The Sero

The Sero, which means “vertical” in Korean, is Samsung’s first TV equipped with an automated rotating display that allows users to switch between horizontal and vertical orientations – just like how one would use a smartphone or tablet. A Best of Innovation award winner at CES 20201, and a gold award recipient of the world-renowned International Forum (iF) Design Award 20202, The Sero combines the cutting-edge functions of Samsung’s QLED displays while providing a new approach to home entertainment technology that meets the needs and habits of the growing mobile viewing audience.

Geared towards Millennial and Gen Z consumers accustomed to viewing experiences such as the ones found on their mobile devices, The Sero is optimised for social media content, streaming services as well as gaming content, packaged in an eye-catching design and offering innovative user experiences.

To enjoy the vertical experience on The Sero, users can simply mirror their compatible mobile device with the Tap View3 feature, where they can then enjoy mirroring perks such as viewing their portrait-orientation videos in high definition, or seeing themselves on a bigger screen after taking a selfie with their smartphone’s camera.

The vertical TV stands out with its modern design that pops in any space and offers a range of different display features when it is not in use. By enabling Portrait Mode, users can choose from over 50 designs across five different categories, including Clock, My Photo, Cinemagraph, Poster and Sound Wall to switch The Sero from a TV to an interior product to enhance living spaces. In addition, The Sero requires no mounting on the wall. Mobility wheels4 can be attached to the TV and users can move it around the house easily.

1. The Sero was awarded the Best of Innovation for Video Displays at CES Innovation Awards 2020.
2. The Sero received the gold award at the International Forum (iF) Design Award 2020 for the Product category.
3. This service only works with a compatible mobile device when the screen is turned on.
4. Accessories sold separately.

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