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What’s the best way to work from home? Without a back pain.

As Singaporeans having to spend hours in front our computers at home, a poor sitting posture could lead to frozen shoulders, backaches and even neck strains.

And of course, that would lead to lower work productivity.

Stretches might be the one of the many solutions that we have all tried, but we all know that doesn’t really fix anything.

The main problem lies in the sitting posture, and we need to solve this fast.

Here at APOL, our ergonomic chairs are stubbornly engineered and designed in a way that it provides back-hugging and soothing comfort.

With a snug fit, it will correct your sitting posture instantly which will relief even the slightest pain and will help you focus better on your day to day tasks.

So that at the end of your workday, you can finally get up from your desk pain-free and proud, knowing that your day has been a productive one.

Now, whether we have to work from home for another month, 3 months or for even the next few years, you would have no problem now because sitting in front of a computer for hours can finally be a pain-free and pleasurable experience.

Here’s what one of our customers are saying –

“Chairs are crazy comfortable and the quality is great!”

As a local brand, we completely understand the pain of Singaporeans right now and we want to do our best to support everyone during this period.

From 4 June to 7 June, we will slash $18 OFF the usual price, PLUS we will be providing FREE delivery with zero additional charges.

Start working pain free with us by visiting https://apol.sg/

Note: We are still delivering on certain dates during this period

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