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ELONXTECH high quality powerbank

ELONXTECH’s goal is to not only to help people achieve efficient charging using their powerbanks, but also make the process more sustainable. By producing high quality powerbank that lasts, it greatly reduces the amount of e-waste causes by low quality malfunction devices.

Aiming to make products using 100% recyclable materials in time to come, ELONXTECH runs a year-round trade-in programme to encourage recycling of old and used powerbanks. It works together with its official partner, ViroGreen, to recycle useful parts and batteries while incentivising customers to make Earth a greener place. Till date, they have recycled thousands of powerbank.

To participate in this programme, customers need to key in a promo code upon checkout to receive up to 50% off their powerbank purchase.

Check out the promo code here : (https://elonxtech.com/pages/trade-in)

In addition, ELONXTECH avoids using plastic in all its packaging, which is designed to give an allowance of only 15% of their product size in order to keep it really compact , reduce wastage and a greener environment.

Join us in this journey of creating a greener future and experience a whole new fast charging experience with us @ www.ElonXTech.com

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