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Enjoy a relaxing massage while gaming with the new Predator Gaming Chair X-OSIM

Today, when many of us are telecommuting, a comfortable workspace has become very essential. Particularly for the professional gamers and e-sports enthusiasts who sit for long hours in front of the computer, a proper chair is fundamental. They usually complain of neck and back pains. This will not be a problem any longer because Acer in collaboration with the massage expert OSIM has launched the Predator Gaming Chair X-OSIM, which combines comfort with gaming and relieves you of the pain of sitting too long. 

With the mesh instead of leather, the chair offers three preset massage programs which will let the chair focus on your neck and shoulders, the lumbar, or revitalise your general energy through the Energize programme. Each program is designed by a massage expert. To achieve this, it utilises a host of massage techniques such as knead, press, roll and tap that cover the user’s entire back. This new gaming chair uses the V-hand massage technology to emulate the experience of being massaged by a professional. When you are done gaming and want to relax  the slightly wider chair can recline back up to 145 degrees.

Gamers can easily customise their massage settings by adjusting the chair rollers to six different shoulder positions according to their height. Another interesting massage feature is the spot massage in case you are troubled with a sore spot.

Predator Gaming Chair X-OSIM further enhances your massage experience by providing two built in bluetooth speakers on the headrest. Gamers can now listen to some soothing and calming music when they are being massaged. The chair frame is the standard black carbon fibre with dark metallic grey and teal accents.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then this is the chair you definitely want to own. 

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Written by Debbie

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