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Give your desk an aesthetically-pleasing audio upgrade

Give your desk an aesthetically-pleasing audio upgrade with Creative T100, Creative’s latest compact 2.0 desktop speakers, or Creative Pebble V2, a minimalistic 2.0 USB-powered speakers. Why settle for average audio from onboard speakers when you can be jamming to sweet and powerful sounding audio without breaking the bank?

Following the success from the widely-acclaimed T20 and T40 series, Creative T100 brings powerful acoustics with its 2.75” full-range driver and built-in digital amplifier as well as enhanced bass performance with BasXPort™ technology that reproduces rich, deep tones without the need for a subwoofer. The convenient plug-and-play setup elegantly sits on your desk without taking up much space, but is capable of delivering wide, lifelike soundstage with incredible depth and amazing vocal clarity that will sweep you off your feet. With T100, explore a multitude of connectivity options, including Bluetooth® 5.0, 3.5 mm AUX, Optical and USB FLAC inputs!

Big things come in small packages. Creative Pebble V2 is a mighty step up from our of our favourite 2.0 desktop speakers and its predecessor, Creative Pebble with an improved 2” full-range drivers and passive radiators as well as USB-C connectivity. The 2.0 speakers feature a small footprint with a clean and modern design that will easily blend into any minimalist’s desk. Have the best of both worlds–increase your

desk’s aesthetic appeal while enjoying great audio performance at the same time! Pebble V2 is powered entirely via a USB-C cable for improved sound quality at a higher output without distortions. It also features a built-in Gain Switch–simply activate high gain mode to enjoy an amplified audio experience without bringing the roof down!

Consider this a well-deserved audio upgrade from any standard built-in speakers audio. Experience enhanced audio without leaving your desk with these minimalist desktop audio solutions.

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