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Hydrogen Powered Electric Scooters – The Future of PMDs?

Featured at SHELL’s “Make the Future Singapore 2018” is the world’s first Hydrogen Powered Electric Scooter – The Hydrogen ES.

Hydrogen ES – The World’s First Electric Scooter running on Hydrogen

Developed by a joint effort between MOBOT and ENERGY NOVA, the team’s breakthrough creation challenges the conventional Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-po) battery powered personal mobility devices that are largely popular in the current market.

How does it work? And why Hydrogen?

The Hydrogen ES makes use of fuel cells to convert hydrogen with a few other elements to generate electricity which then powers the electric motor. In comparison to the traditional Li-on batteries which are generally expensive and takes a long time to charge for a limited riding range, the hydrogen canisters used are a much more sustainable and economical alternative. The hydrogen stored can be fully refilled within minutes for additional range.

A more energy efficient alternative to Lithium-ion batteries?

Though it is currently still in the initial testing stage, this innovative development opens up new possibilities and introduces a huge potential for the future of electric scooters and other PMDs alike.

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