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One Stop Smart Home Solutions

Möwe is a one-stop solution to a complete smart home ecosystem setup, providing smart home appliances that range from kitchen hobs, hoods, ovens, lighting, fans, switches, security sensors to even curtains. Started under Aerogaz Pte Ltd in 2003, Möwe is a brand that strives to meet the needs of the 21st century smart lifestyle, with its wide range of appliances fitted with the latest technologies.

With its smart appliances, Möwe aims to provide every customer complete control over their homes, while also ensuring safety, efficiency, and aesthetics like no other. Every appliance taps into the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) to connect directly to the customer’s smartphones, hence providing utmost connectivity and functionality.

Möwe is also the first ever smart kitchen appliance provider in Singapore, with its range of smart kitchen hobs, hoods and ovens, for a safe, conducive and ‘smart’ cooking environment without compromising on looks. Apart from the kitchen, Möwe is also equipped to provide smart appliances for every nook and corner of the house, with its wide range of switches, lights, curtains, security devices, etc. Hence, Möwe proudly stands to be the first and trusted choice for every customer, who wishes to transition into a futuristic, innovative and smart home lifestyle.

One Stop Smart Home Solutions– Come and visit us at booth 8230 to experience your Smart Home Journey

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