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Samsung’s Q950TS is the world’s first 8K TV to support Wi-Fi 6

As I reported in January at CES, Samsung’s flagship QLED TV this year is the Q950TSQLED 8K TV. With nary a bezel, this gorgeous TV also features several nifty features, including an Object Tracking Sound+ tech that lets you hear 5.1-channel-like surround sound with only the built-in speakers, AI 8K upscaling that uses deep learning and support for multiple voice assistants.

It turns out that Samsung didn’t reveal everything about the QLED TV at CES. According a joint announcement from MediaTek and Samsung today, the Q950 and Q900 (the latter is a U.S.-only model) are the world’s first 8K QLED TVs to support Wi-Fi 6 (nee 802.11ax). MediaTek is involved because it’s the one that makes the custom Wi-Fi 6 chipset in these TVs.

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