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Sanitize your phone with pure UV light in just 3 minutes!


The IntelliARMOR UV Shield+ sanitizes your phone with pure UV light in just 3 minutes! No need for harsh wipes, chemicals, or excessive heat. Simply place your phone inside and the UV-C light takes care of all those pesky germs on your phone with just one push on the button conveniently.

Intuitive design with raised feet, prevents your phone from touching the base of the inner tray thus, allowing a full 360° sanitization process. It is compatible with devices up to 7.75”, sanitize car keys, jewellery, earbuds, watches, and any other portable item you would like sanitized. It is also equipped with a diffuser inlet for aromatherapy.

Integrated with two high powered UV-C light sources, each set to 280nm, which has been identified by the CDC (USA) to be within the optimal wavelength for eradication. Product conforms to EPA (USA) regulations and is also tested and proven by 3rd party labs at 99.99% effective against common household bacteria.

Weighing at only 290g and easily powered via USB cable, it will be a handy gadget to bring out on the go. Get yours now, keep you and your family safe and healthy from bacteria!

Product comes with 1-year limited local warranty.

RCP $109.00

Available at https://www.ostsome.com/

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