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Secretlab’s Omega and Titan gaming chairs are now available in black

I suppose it was always only going to be a matter of time and that time is now.

Finally, after numerous unyielding requests from corporate partners and customers (myself included), Secretlab has finally decided to release the Omega and Titan chairs in a simple but effective all-black color scheme. And judging from the press photos, these new all-black chairs are almost elegant in their looks.

According to Secretlab co-founder and CEO Ian Ang, their decision to resist an all-black chair was because of branding. However, they felt that the Secretlab brand is strong enough now.

“While we’ve constantly received overwhelming demand from many corporate partners for an all-black chair, the concern has always been about visible branding for us. This is no longer a concern for us as our branding is now much stronger, and our signature shapes have become instantly recognizable even without the logo.”

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