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Set your active pursuits free with SkullCandy Push Ultra

SkullCandy’s new wireless earbuds  give you freedom to sweat, explore and embark on adventures. Push Ultra unlocks your maximum potential with all the features you need to be free and fearless.

Push Ultra features a moldable ear hook to provide a personal, comfortable and unshakeable fit that allows you to find a secure-fit without ever having to worry about the earbuds falling out. Once they are securely hooked around your ear, the earbuds comfortably rest just outside the ear canal because of its stay-aware design. This unique design also helps in hearing more of your surroundings when you need to.

These earbuds can handle anything whether it is mud or rain. When they get muddy, go ahead and wash them. They are completely waterproof though refrain from keeping them submerged underwater for long periods of time. Also, the charging case needs to be kept dry. It is built with a durable shell and the earbuds can be wirelessly charged.

They are 100% ambidextrous since both earbuds give you access to call controls and advanced music including 3 EQ modes for tunes, movies and podcasts. You can rock either bud solo or use whichever hand is available to switch between EQ modes. EQ modes can be directly controlled from the SkullCandy app.

Enjoy wireless freedom without worrying about breaking a piece or two. Additionally these earbuds contain Tile tracker Bluetooth finding technology to help you find them incase you ever misplace either of the buds.

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Written by Debbie

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