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Dreame Hair Glory - The world's first hair dryer with essence

Dreame is proud to announce the launch of its newest product, Dreame Hair Glory, the world’s first hair dryer with essence. Launched earlier this month on March 3, 2023, Dreame Hair Glory is set to offer their new product at the IT SHOW 2023.

Dreame Hair Glory features leading-edge technology, including a fast 2-minute dry time for shoulder-length hair, 300 million negative ion technology, a compact and lightweight design weighing only 345 g, and a smart NTC temperature system that measures 100 times per second and regulates heat. Additionally, Dreame Hair Glory offers a 2-year warranty, ensuring that customers can rely on the product for years to come. 

The real highlight of Dreame Hair Glory is the add-on essence, a unique blend of ingredients designed to improve hair elasticity, increase moisture, and create smoother, shinier looks. With the essence capsule infused with the hair dryer, customers can enjoy a revitalizing hair care experience with the aromatic scent of raspberries, cherries, and roses.