Singapore Photography Festival 2019

The Singapore Photographics and Digital Imaging Trade Association (SPDA) will be organizing the very first Singapore Photography Festival from 5th – 8th September 2019 at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Many would have probably recalled that it’s been decades since the last mega Photography Festival Fair was held in the Singapore World Trade Centre. Over the years, the photography industry & market have declined and continued to be weakened with the advancement of mobile phone technology. The lack of a common dedicated photography platform in Singapore has undermined the unity of brands & suppliers from the professional & mass consumer market.

With SPF2019, SPDA aims to revive a specialized photography event to bring together brand suppliers, photography professionals & enthusiasts under one single roof. The Association believes that photography is both an art and commerce which transcends time, language, culture & religion and across countries.

Running the photography festival alongside with Singapore’s largest consumer IT and Electronics Fair (COMEX 2019), SPDA trust that it is a matter of times, the photography Festive will soon be recognized as the only devoted platform to attract photography professionals & enthusiasts alike in Singapore.

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Highlight of Events

  1. United Asia Professional Photography Association’s Annual Meeting (UAPPA)
  2. Singapore is proud to host the United Asia Professional Photography Association’s Meeting (UAPPA) at the SPF2019
  3. A Photo Gallery to showcase over 50 winning photographs from the Singapore Photography Award & World Photographic Cup (WPC) 2019 Cum
  4. Singapore Photography Award & World Photographic Cup (WPC) Prize-Award Ceremony on the Evening of 6th September 2019.
  5. 4 days of Miss Photogenic On-Site Photography sessions will be sponsored by SPDA and partner, Photo-Art Association of Singapore
  6. Over 3 days of Photography Workshops & Seminars. Key International Speakers sponsored by SPDA & our industry partners
  7. SPDA’s 64th Annual Dinner with Over 400 invited Guests and Winners on the evening of 7th September 2019 at the Trade Association Hub in 9 Jurong Town Hall Rd