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The Epson EB-L1755UNL is a 15,000-lumen laser projector designed for large venues

Are you in the rental and staging market and looking for a high brightness projector? Epson has just launched the EB-L1755UNL, a laser projector that offers up to 15,000 lumens of brightness.

According to Epson, the EB-L1755UNL is the most compact 15,000-lumen 3LCD laser projector in its class. It uses inorganic 3LCD panels with an inorganic phosphor wheel to achieve superior light and heat resistance as well as high image quality, reliability, and durability. Thanks to the laser light source, it’s able to hit maximum brightness in just under 7 seconds. The company also touts an improved dust resistant design, and says the projector is capable of running 24/7.

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