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Top Photography Apps To Download On Your Phone Right Now

Editing photos on the go for Facebook, Instagram and the likes have been so common in today’s world. And while there are countless apps out there that have photo editing tools, from the basic brightness and contrast controls, to photo manipulation, we bring you the cream of the crop. Here are the ones that you should definitely consider downloading.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Available on iOs, Android, as well as Windows, the Adobe Photoshop Express has all the basic tools, such as cropping, rotating, red eye removal, white balance, that an on-the-go mobile photographer would need. In addition, it also has filers, borders to add a little extra something to your images. Get the add-on packs if you’re considering more advanced features such as noise reduction (well-needed if you do a lot of night or low light photography!) and a mix feature that lets you combine multiple photos into a single image!


In addition to being a photo editing app, VSCO also has a community of photographers and photo editing lovers. Take inspiration from the community and improve your photo editing skills, or show them off by posting curated content in your profile page. The preset tools and wide range of filters are great for any type of mood you wish to convey through your image. Don’t know where to start? H1, H2, and F2 and the top choices of many mobile photographers. Watch your image go from blah to wow by just slapping on a filter and doing some minute editing. VSCO is available to download for iOS and Android users


Snapseed has been a favorite of many photographers since it became hugely popular in 2012 – and it still is ranked high among photo editing apps. One reason for its popularity is its ability to edit RAW DNG files – something most photo editing apps don’t support. Another great feature is Lens Blur. It adds a beautiful depth of field (also known as Bokeh) effect to the images. You can even choose to add focus to your portrait’s eyes or even add lighting at a certain spot. Snapseed is currently available for iOs and Android users


If you are into selfies (wefies), Facetune is one photo editing app that you must have. Perfect for editing ‘flaws’ in portraits, this amazing app can brighten dark eye rings, remove pimples and blemishes, make your smiles brighter (and teeth whiter), and so much more. You no longer have to worry about a bad selfie or take countless selfies for one perfect one – just head over to Facetune to finetune it all. Facetune is available on iOs, Android, and Windows.

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