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Your Handy Guide to Drones

Drones are not a common need, but one must admit, these not-so- little-flying- devices are pretty fascinating – it is like owning a cheap ticket to get in the sky.

If you find yourself needing one – just for the fun of it or work purposes – here are some factors and features to consider.

A drone that best suits you

There are various types of drones to suit one’s needs and budget – and you really get what you pay for. If you are looking for an aerial video or photo platform with some serious stabilization that can capture stunning footages, be prepared to let your wallets bleed a little (or a lot).

For starters who want to try out aerial photography or videography, but are not willing to shell out a thousand dollars on a flying tool, go for “toy drones” that comes with a camera. Toy drones that are fitted with cameras are the perfect starting point – just make sure to get one that can take a whole lot of bumping and crashing. Durability is what you will need as a drone newbie.

At a higher price point, stunning, crisps aerial footages are just the beginning; you can even get drones that come in collapsible bodies and landing gears – perfect for traveling out and about. You might even want to consider getting one that has obstacle avoidance to avoid any head-on collisions.

You don’t want to ruin your gorgeous (and expensive) drone camera after all.

Regulations for operating a drone

Just like regular aircrafts, drones are regulated in Singapore as well. And if your drone is more than 7kg in total weight, used for anything other recreation purposes, or even flying over a restricted zone, you will then be required to apply for an Operator and/or Activity Permit.

But fret not, most recreational drones are less than 7kg and if you are flying it in a public space such as a park, you can have fun with it without a permit. Just make sure to fly in good visibility and weather conditions, keep your drone within your sight always, and keep a safe distance from people, property and other aircrafts (manned or unmanned).

Do note that regulations differ from country to country though; so, do check up on it before snapping some aerial footage while traveling.

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